USB/RS232 Fader Start Interface

USB/RS232 Fader-Start InterfaceThis USB RS232 Interface offers 10 inputs which work with my DAC Cartwall, StudioScreen and USBLEDs applications plus mAirList, Myriad Playout v5/v6 and PlayoutONE.

Unlike a keyboard, this means that the software does not have to be “in focus” on your computer to receive the commands.

Click here to see the Command Mappings text file showing the functions supported.

Other commands can be programmed before shipping – any valid command syntax (or chain of commands) can be specified if you have a special requirement.

Available commands in mAirList are offered as a dropdown in the “Remote” section of the Configuration program.  Myriad Playout contains an HTML file of the available commands via the “Command Processor” engine.  You do *not* need to run their Hardware Service to use this interface box.

  • USB/RS232 Interface, self-powered
  • 10 momentary button inputs on 6.35mm sockets (1 press = 1 action, long press does not “repeat”)
  • Includes 1m USB cable (input socket is “B” style, like most printers) plus instruction sheet
  • Size: 150x80x50mm

I produce these myself, in small quantities, when I have time – they may not always be in stock.

Price includes 1st-Class “Signed-For” / EU Tracked+Signed shipping.  Once I see your payment, I will be in touch via e-mail to confirm any special programming requirements and then a tracking number once shipped, normally within 1 working day.

STILL AVAILABLE: I also have 2 of the earlier “Joystick” versions left – these work with a number of playout applications.  Button assignments are defined by the software, so you can adjust what each input does yourself – This version is cheaper, details are at the bottom of this page.

USB Interface FAQ
Here are some popular help/tech tips for this interface…

Remote-Start Wiring Diagram

  • How do the remote-sockets work?
    Just short the tip/centre to the outer/sleeve/ground – A simple push-to-make connection. The sockets are stereo, so it won’t matter if you use mono plugs.
  • Can I re-program the Buttons?
    To change the “command actions” of a button requires editing the source-code of the software, compiling it to a HEX file and uploading into the unit. I can supply a new HEX file for you to load via a simple Windows utility.
  • Does this work with xxx playout software?
    No. These boxes, although able to generate any RS232 string, are being sold exclusively for DAC Cartwall, StudioScreen, mAirList and Myriad Playout, they cannot be programmed “ad-hoc” by the user.
  • How do I use this with a Behringer DX2000USB?
    Just add 5x 1/4″ (6.35mm) stereo patch leads – available from CPC . This will give you button-start on the 5 stereo channels without having to do any soldering or looking for special custom cables.
  • Do I need any wiring or soldering skills?
    Probably not, especially if your mixer uses 1/4″ sockets for the remotes. Some broadcast desks use 9-pin sub-D connectors – these are readily available from CPC/Farnell/RS etc. Please consult your mixer handbook in the first instance. I do not supply these cables.